Infrastructure / Facilities


The school building comprised of five big buildings- the ‘A’ Block, 'B' Block, ‘C’ Block, 'D' Block , Senior Secondary Block and Administrative Block.The buildings could hold a total strength of more than 2700 students from preparatory to class XII. It has a total of 75 classrooms where little Burnies are im­parted the best education to explore their purpose in life.



The school has spacious, well- lit and airy classrooms. Comfortable desks and benches are provided for the students. The classrooms are well planned and are in accordance with the doctor’s desire for a healthy sight and hearing of teach­ers lectures.



The school has a spacious laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Science Composite Lab with appropriate and ade­quate furniture,water,gas and aparatus.The labora­tories are stored with quality aparatus,Chemicals, Specimens,etc. prescribed by the Board.of Sec­ondary Education, Manipur. At Rayburn High we believed that Science should be learnt through experiments which makes the learning process more interesting, enjoyable and convincing. Science Practicals are held from Class V to XII Based on the syllabus.


In the primary and Pre-Primary Sections, Alphabet blocks, numerals, Veg­etables, Animals, fruits, etc are given for indentification of the matter or thing they learnt. Pictorial charts are also part of the teaching aid in the primary sec­tion. Visual aid through CD and CD Rom are displayed in the Audio visual room and the computer lab. Stress is laid for correct pronounciation of names, things,anim-als, etc and words. In the higher sections Charts and CD that are related to the lessons are dispalyed to the students.


Classrooms are equiped with Audio-Visual to enhance teaching-learning.


The computer lab is well equiped with sufficient computers aimed at equipping the students with the knowledge of computer works. Studies reveal that concept of understanding improve through effective and interactive multimedia based learning. Keeping this in mind, the syllabus for all classes has been uniquely designed. Children learn by working directly on the computer through assignment and projects.


Separate Library for Primary Section and Secondary Section are set up to enable age-appropriate learning. The School Libraries are equiped with reading room, up-to-date books for advanced learning, journals and newspapers. students who wish to borrow books should obtain Library Card and produce it to the Librarian. Students are expected to maintain library ettiquette in the Library and reading room.



On each floor, various departments have their display board, a display of school events,an outlook on the world or some inspir­ing meditation or some news clippings of unique happenings, etc.
Classes take it in turn to feature to a particular theme that isinterest to the stu­dents.Class bulletin Boards are maintained by the students, illustrating toipcs that are being studied as part of their class work.Through these bulletin boards, par­ents and visitors get a window on school activities and achievements.