Rayburn High

Rayburn High is a co-educational institution established in 1994, April 13 by Rev.Khen P. Tombing. The School is situated at New Lamka(H), Churachandpur, Manipur, India. The School is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary (CBSE) in the year 2013, vide No. CBSE/AFF/SS-00098-1314/1230041/2013/524849. The school focuses on the spiritual and physical growth of the pupils. It is our vision to contribute well equipped and model human beings to the community and the nation by providing the impetus and the infrastructure for all round development of all pupils irrespective of caste, creed, Religion and social status. It is also our mission to impart knowledge and Education without discrimination.


  • In making each child feel his/her individual worth as a unique person created by God for a special purpose.
  • In helping children discover their talents and abilities and developing them creatively.
  • In teaching special skills, which will help them grow physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • In creating an atmosphere of warmth, love and appreciation, so that children will feel loved and cared for, in safe and secure surroundings, with staff that give individual attention to each child.
  • In giving children an all-round education and exposure to culture and all that is worthwhile in the world around them.
  • In making our children proud of their heritage and aware of their responsibilities as future citizens, to make a worthwhile contribution to the society and the country.
  • In being a school where there is total integration of every community, class, religion and language.
  • In inculcating right values and moral standards, providing counselling and guidance when necessary, and inspiring the students to be aware of other’s needs, treating each other with consideration, giving respect to their elders and being helpful to everyone around.
  • In providing time and a place for co-curricular activities that develop creativity, healthy competition and an incentive to prepare thoroughly and give out one’s best.
  • In encouraging parents to be interactive with teachers and the management in order to work together in harmony for the ultimate good of their children.


  • a place where students of all backgrounds grow together spiritually and academically.
  • an institution compassionate to Christian workers and less-fortunates.
  • a place where everyone have the opportunity to try out their best.
  • a school that is Christ centered.
  • where a child is not ranked but graded.
  • where facilities for all round developments are provided.  


  • building a solid foundation for a stronger and lasting education.
  • a unique teaching method that makes a child feel better intellectually, physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • stimulating a child’s imagination.
  • motivation for career building.
  • a system where children learned by doing.
  • provide state of the art learning equipment.