The counselling department is dedicated to ensuring the holistic growth of our students. To achieve this end we provide professional counselling services to students, parents and teachers.

Addressing Student’s Needs

We strive to provide each student comprehensive support at all levels as they navigate issues that range from matters of a personal nature to career guidance and help during higher education admissions.

Addressing Teacher’s Needs

We promote skill development among the staff in the field of counselling and work closely with our teachers in prevention and intervention support by helping them address behavioural and learning difficulties.

Events and Activities

The department is dedicated to hosting and organising mental health awareness events in order to encourage wellbeing on campus.


Referrals for personal counselling are done through the administration, teachers, social workers, parents, guardians, other relevant professionals or by the students themselves.

Referrals for additional support are done by the department to doctors, social workers and other relevant professionals, with consent and as necessary.