School nursing is a specialized practice of nursing that advances the well-being, academic success and life-long achievements and health of students. Keeping children healthy, safe in school and ready to learn are our top priority for both health care and education system.

In our school, the centre is managed by a well-trained and certified nurse. Her main function is that of a first aid provider.  The existence of this facility addresses the emergency medical needs of the students as well as the teachers in the school campus. Parents or Guardians of the students are always consulted with matters related to their children’s health treatments.

Serious medical cases are referred to the nearby hospitals or dispensaries. Incidents or accidents that take place in the school during school hours are primarily managed by the school nurse, in consultation with the School Administration. Medical expenses of minor cases are borne by the school.

As a part of the school curriculum, First-Aid drill is annually organized for the students under Health and Physical Education, wherein students are taught how to prepare ORS at home, techniques of hand-washing, Band-Aid application etc.