Supporting Teaching Excellence Performance Appraisal Process

Performance Appraisal Process in RBHS is a systematic, periodic and an impartial rating of an employee’s excellence in the matters pertaining to his/her present job and his/her potential. It is also a way of reviewing and assessing the performance of an employee during a given period of time and planning for his/her future.

This tool calibrates refines and rewards the performance of the employees also helps to evaluate his/her contribution towards the vision of the organization.


To Reward excellence


  • To ensure that students receive the benefit of an education system supported by employees who are performing their duties satisfactorily
  •  To provide for fair, effective and consistent employee evaluation tool
  • To promote professional growth
  • To assist in identifying and building upon employee strengths
  • To serve as the basis for the improvement of instruction
  • To develop remediation goals
  • To address accountability and employee quality
  • To support fair, valid and legal decisions for rehire, promotion or termination

Performance Appraisal for Teaching Staff Who will appraise

  • Self
  • Peer-Selected by the Performance Appraisal coordinator from the same level or subject teacher teaching same level, who has interacted as peer.
  • Parent ( one of the 4 Class Parent Volunteer of that particular class)
  • Co-coordinator
  • Unit Head
  • Principal

Appraisal coordinator:

  • Admin Head

When will the appraisal happen?

  • The appraisal will happen within the first 4 months after the process has begun, typically between June and September.

Who initiates the process?

Unit Head.

  • The employee needs to sign up the schedule grid and intimate when they would like to be appraised, within the stipulated time. However the final decision for the appraisal schedule lies with the UH

How do you go about it?

  • The employee has to intimate the members about their appraisal day/time to the Principal/UH.
  • Principal, UH & the parent together do the planned lesson observation.

What if you miss it?

Observation is an important aspect of your appraisal process. This means it is obligatory on your part to make time for you observation and ensure that this process is completed. This means you need to keep track of the dates for your process.

Areas in which you will be appraised

  • Class room teaching observation.
  • Day to day activities.
  • Participation in school events.
  • Organizing school events.
  • Interpersonal Relationship
  • Professional Role

 Procedure for Lesson Observation

  •  The employee indicates the time of observation to the Principal & domain head.
  • The employee must keep the lesson plan/s ready for reference.
  •  The employee will be observed for one full period.

Key parameters for Lesson Observation

  • Subject matter competence
  • Classroom management
  • Effective teaching skills/Methodology
  • Being Child Centric
  • RBHS ethos

 Evaluation Key

1-Needs improvement
Not Applicable
Not Observed

Procedure for feedback of the planned lesson observed

  • The employee will be given the feedback within a week’s time after the observation is done.
  • Parent who observed the teacher will give their feedback/inputs to the domain head.
  • Feedback will be given by the Principal & the domain head.
  • Feedback will also be documented.

Final Performance Appraisal

  • Score and comments will be compiled by the appraisal coordinator.
  • Appraisal Coordinator shares it with principal and domain head.
  • Principal will have a conference to give the feedback on the overall observation within two months with performance appraisal document.
  • Principal has the final meeting shares with the employee the scores and remarks.
  • The principal and appraise discuss the appraisal results (obtain feedback, recognize well-performed areas and suggest areas for improvement).
  • The principal and the employee work out a plan for improvement and follow-up actions if necessary.
  • Domain head follows and monitors the progress and communicates to the employee and the principal.
  • Director to have the final closure meeting towards the end of the academic session with the appraise

Observation will happen for how many times?

  • All teaching staff  –  Scholastic,  non-  scholastic  &  co  -  scholastic  will go  through  1 planned  lesson observation in an academic year.
  • All scholastic teachers will also go through minimum one unplanned lesson observation.
  • Teachers failing to gear up to the targets of professional development will have series of observation.


  • Whenever there is an opportunity, this could be one of the parameter where only the UH’s score will be taken into consideration.


  • Warning or Improvement letter would be given to the employee.
  • Continuation with the organization/post will be reviewed.