Rayburn High is committed to excellence in all fields of education. As a result, it makes conscious decision to find quality teachers by following rigorous process of recruiting new teachers.


There are four main steps involved in the recruitment of teachers - 


Step 1 Walk-in/Personal Interview

Applications for the post of teaching staff can be submitted to the Human Resource Department (HRD) throughout the academic session. Whenever there is a vacancy of post, the HRD will go through these applications and discuss with the school’s administrative body. If no suitable applicant is found, an invitation may be sent out in the local newspapers. Only the suitable applicants will be shortlisted from the applications and called for personal interview.

Members of the school’s Administrative body are only eligible to sit as panelists in the interview. The best will be selected and treated as final depending on her/his performance in the interview. S/he will then be directed to go through one month trial period, if s/he agrees to do classroom teaching trial. If not, then the second best will be contacted for the same. The panelist(s) must brief the recruitment process to the applicant during the interview.

Step 2 One Month Trial Period (Demonstration of Skills and Subject Knowledge)

A teaching profession requires Knowledge, Skills and Attitude. During the one month trial on classroom teaching, the applicant is expected to demonstrate that s/he has the basic subject knowledge and skills to teach the subject. The HRD will observe and assess if s/he shows flexibility and learnability in different classroom and teaching situations. At the end of one month, the HRD will share the strengths and areas of improvement to the applicant and decide whether to promote her/him to probation.

One month here is equivalent to 30 working and non-working days with effect from the date of signing the One-month Trial Agreement form. The applicant will be compensated as “Utilized” (mentioned in the Agreement Form) during this period.

Step 3 Probation Period of 11 months

With the successful completion of one month trial period, the applicant will be given appointment letter. S/he will henceforth, be given appropriate designation such as NTT, PRT, TGT, PGT (whichever is applicable) for the positions/he was recruited for.

During the trial period, assessment of teacher is primarily based on the teacher’s subject knowledge and skills that can be developed and trained unlike attitude. So, the idea behind having a probation period is to observe the teacher’s attitude to teaching profession. It may include her/his conduct, passion, qualities, perseverance, determination, motivation, interpersonal relationships with colleagues and students etc. During this probation period, the teacher (then applicant) may be subjected to termination of service for one or more of the above reasons without explanation or prior notice.

Step 4 Post-Probation

A teacher who have persisted through the probation period will be treated as regular teacher. The HRD will continue to do teacher assessment, which will emphasis more on constructive appraisal and feedback. Regular teachers cannot be terminated without explanation and one month prior notice. In case the School’s Administrative body strongly recommend the teacher for termination of service without prior notice of 1 month, the teacher will be compensated for the 1 month, with immediate effect of termination.