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First Inter-School Online Literary Festival 2020, Churachandpur

Rayburn High School Students Shine at the First Inter-School Online Literary Festival 2020, Churachandpur


The First Inter-School Online Literary Festival 2020, organised by the District Legal Service Authority, Churachandpur was conducted from 2nd November to 16th November, 2020. The primary objective of the festival being to encourage the student community who are worst affected during this lockdown and to lift their spirit and boost their morale through the activities conducted.

Our students bagged an incredible number of prizes in all the events organized.

Of the nine events, five were based on original written work. These were Essay Writing, Short Story Writing, Slogan & Poster Making, Poetry Writing and Painting. The other four events were based on performances. These were Solo Singing, Solo Dancing, Public Speaking and Quiz. The finalists of these events contested before a panel of judges and a live audience.


The following are the list of winners from Rayburn High School -

Essay Writing -

1.  Mangsuanthang

   Class VI (1st position)

Short Story Writing -

1. Astonish Bhagel

  Class XII (2nd position)

2. Chingkhoman

  Class XII (3rd position)

Slogan and Poster Making -

1. Ginlunmang

  Class VII (1st position)

2. Ciecy Vunglamniang

  Class VIII (3rd position)

Poetry Writing -

1.Stephen RS Varte

  Class -X (1st position)

2. Chingmuankim

  Class-X (3rd position)

Painting -

1. T. Genlianmang

   Class-X (3rd position)

Solo Singing -

1. Zenngaihsang

  Class IX (2nd position)

Solo Dance -

1. Grace Lalthangkim

  Class XII (1st position)

2.Eunice Linzoukim

   Class IX (2nd position)

Public Speaking -

1. Sarah Siamthianhoih

   Class XII (1st position)

2. Harsh Sharma

  Class XII (2nd position)

Quiz -

1. Angel Thiangnunnem

   Class VII (1st position)

2.Anna Thiangnunmawi

   Class VII (1st position)

The school is proud to acknowledge the achievements of its students. We appreciate them, celebrate their talents and encourage their zeal for excellence.